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Yoga deux Mondes in Videos

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Yoga #30min sequence
This session was specifically created for Femme Fitness - https://femme.fitness/programmes

This is a intermediate to advanced level session. Yoga is for everyone yet must be adapted as to ease your practice if needs be.

Lots of tips shared on how to position your body as best to protect alignment and prevent injuries. Do not forget to link your breath to each movement and take your time. Do not overstretch and get into strong back flexion if you feel discomfort in your lower back. Practise with equanimity and respect to yourself for better results.

Whatever your level of fitness, remember to begin slowly and build up gradually!
Important note for legal purposes: Though I am always delighted to share information on how to help improve your overall well-being, through the practise of Yoga and Naturopathy advices, I, do not 'treat', or pretend be able to 'cure' diseases. Only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease of a medical origin.
I, see such videos as a platform to help promote and support physical, emotional and mental well-being. Such practice should thus be seen as a complement to any medical treatment but in any case as a substitute.

For more information or questions visit www.vinsdeuxmondes.com (and be surprised by Martine Bounet's other passion 🙂

Vins Deux Mondes ; a treat to the senses!!

The design/content/visuals of this video fall under the ownership of VinsDeuxMondes. The video should not be re-used as part or solely unless agreed by Vins Deux Mondes

Special thanks to Oneworld Retreats, Bali for hosting us and make those videos possible. www.oneworldretreats.com
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