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...group or solo sessions, interventions during company seminars, conferences in companies

In light of a world increasingly becoming complex, companies are facing new challenges. Remote working is the new norm raising new concerns.

A happy workplace results in increased productivity, better performance, more dedication from the staff and a lower turnover. However, how can this be managed when we are asked to work from home, away from colleagues and social interaction.

Reports of isolation, anxiety, depression and lack of motivation amongst employees as well as the management team are emerging. Negative impacts on both human and company health need addressing.

Yoga can be an important ally to help an employee regain serenity on both a physical and emotional level. Adapted physical activities can be offered as well as techniques and tools on to how to manage stressful situations.

There has never been a better time for companies to show they care about their employees than by promoting their well-being.

No time for more debate, get into the action and reap the benefits.

No need for a dedicated room, specific equipment or to allocate extra time to get to the nearest centre …. VIRTUAL YOGA simplifies the whole process. When strict social distancing need respecting … Yoga preserves your sanity.

YOGA deux MONDES ® offers

  • Virtual Yoga sessions offering a pragmatic Yoga approach with adapted content to suit the participant and company needs. The classes are live, with limited numbers of participants for each session to allow for greater assistance.
  • Focused workshops on Yoga and themes related to wellness. Please consult events for further details.


listed below are only a handful of medical conditions as a result

  • Back problems (mainly in the upper and lower back)
  • Poor blood circulation (which may lead to cardiovascular concerns, variscose)
  • Increase in body weight, weakening of muscles from lack of physical activity
  • Carpal Tunal Syndrome and/or the problem of ‘ Text Neck (increasing health concern for anyone using smartphone, computers)
  • Astenopia or visual fatigue leading to poor concentration, vision associated problems, tension headaches, migraines
  • Physical, emotional and mental fatigue may contribute to a lack of motivation, situations of ‘burn out’,

Sadly the list can go on and come with a hefty price to pay on both the health of the employee and become a financial burden to companies.

Yet, listed below is some good news on why and how YOGA can help


Whether you opt for a group, a one to one, a ‘in situ » or virtual session

  • Increases energy, reduces fatigue you can focus on what is essential; motivation is high and so are your performances
  • Helps manage emotions and stress related emotions ; appropriate breathing techniques, visualisation, Yoga Nidra and meditation are known to lessen stress levels and reduce signs of depression
  • Promotes creativity; with greater concentration, your mind is available to focus on the task at hand freeing your creative potential
  • Increases concentration and focus ; the mind can easily be consumed with daily responsibilities , deadlines to meet, goals to achieve. Yoga brings clarity of thoughts and becomes a decision making tool.
  • Promotes a positive outlook through working on the mind so that it stops from dwelling on the past, and worrying about the future. This helps the art of living in the present…even at work!

Whether you are :

  • Interested in offering your employees, collaborators, clients and partners a tailored YOGA session or a focused Yoga workshop.
  • Would like to impress your employees, collaborators, clients and partners with innovative workshops around the senses combining YOGA and WINE.
  • Thinking to organise a seminar dedicated to your needs for a day, a a whole weekend or more

Martine at YOGA deux MONDES®  will be delighted to discuss your needs. contact@yogadeuxmondes.com

In the spring of 2015 Martine Bounet introduced me to yoga. For several years, I have had the pleasure of her classes which involve a very personal approach (based on her years of experience on the subject) combining the philosophy of yoga and very precise postures. Her style is both technical (precision of the movement) and holistic, all while following a very rigorous and serious teaching. We come out feeling self-developed and in better shape! I can only highly recommend her classes.

Marie-Louise Schÿler, Bordeaux

Marie Louise Shyler

Claude Chouinard

I have known Martine, founder of Vins Deux Mondes, for over a decade, she is the most dedicated and knowledgeable person I know in the world of wine and yoga. Many years of education, practice and commitment to both subjects lead her to create a sensorial and instructive experience unheard of until now.

By merging both passions, Martine is touching the soul of her audience either in a yoga shala or in a wine tasting session where she fine tuned the senses using some pranayama breathing techniques and her deep knowledge of wine.

Martine has successfully lead Life of Balance retreat for many years and her distinctive tasting technique has always impressed the participants. I sincerely recommend Martine to anyone wishing go deeper in the sensorial world of wine and yoga.

Claude Chouinard

Co-Founder Oneworld Retreats Bali, Indonesia

I had the privilege to meet and share a wonderful experience with Martine Bounet during a yoga retreat in Bali which was designed by herself.

Much respect and admiration and appreciation for this woman.. Thank you for having help us to learn how to breath, taste and enjoy🌸🌸

Dorra Zghonda

Heller Claire

I took part in one workshop. An excellent experience, really innovative, surprising yet serious !

The yoga breathing and visualization brings the wine tasting to an another sensorial level.

Enjoyable and informative at the same time. I recommend this experience ! 🙂

Heller Claire

Martine took our sommelier group around Bordeaux for 4 days and we had an amazing time! Chateaux visits, restaurants, wine bars.

Very thoughtful and insightful. Thank you Martine!

Daniel Toral


I recently had the privilege of participating in a yoga retreat led by Martine in Bali. Martine’s knowledge and passion for yoga, meditation and wine radiates through her teaching and turned an already remarkable week into something that was truly inspiring.
Martine’s meditative wine tasting opened my senses and allowed me to truly appreciate the wines we were tasting in a way I have never experienced before. It was phenomenal to say the least. I believe Martine is onto something revolutionary!

Tamara Komes

A different experience and a unique way to taste wines. I love this workshop and highly recommend.

Madhura Pathare


Madhura Pathare

Visited in May 2019

Vins Deux Mondes has proposed to the CE of Epsilon Composite an interesting list of wines from winemakers from known and less known regions.
The employees who placed their order appreciated and expressed their very positive opinions on the quality of the wines offered.
We are waiting for the next offers to continue the discovery …

Frederic Patouillard

I took part in one workshop. An excellent experience, really innovative, surprising yet serious !

The yoga breathing and visualization brings the wine tasting to an another sensorial level.

Enjoyable and informative at the same time. I recommend this experience ! 🙂

Heller Claire