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Martine BOUNET

…23 years of experiences and a wealth of knowledge to share with you.


In my early twenties, I decided to leave France -my country of origin- to first head to the USA and then to the UK where I lived for 15 years.

I started out my career in the wine industry which I am still am very much involved in. Wine and Yoga are two great passions of mine. I have been living and sharing both with great enthusiasm for over two decades.

I returned to France in 2012 and settled in Bordeaux… a city that has beautifully transformed itself since I left it back in 1997!

I have always been interested in anything to do with self-development and spirituality....Read more

That being said, I do not have any religious education. But then religion and spirituality are different subjects.

When it comes to Yoga, it was when living in Chicago, USA that I attended my first Yoga (postural) class. I felt so good at the end of the session.

Once in London, UK, my interest for Yoga grew tremendously. I remember going to some Satsangs (Yogic chants) and meditation sessions at the Sivananda center which led me to becoming extremely fascinated. I then participated for many years in an Indian based spiritual organisation. An organisation that promotes self-development and spiritual consciousness. At the same time I  regularly attending Iyengar Yoga classes… which involved some serious cycling everyday  after work, which I did not mind, as  I felt so empowered by the end of each class.

The years I spent  going to the Maide Vale Iyengar center in London helped me understand the fundamentals of proper body alignment and establishing a rigorous practice. Nonetheless, my voracious curious nature led me to branch out and explore other styles of yoga (Sivananda, Asthanga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Accro Yoga, Yoga for Children). No doubt these different styles introduced me to the concept of creativity in my own yoga teaching.

I am extremely  grateful to all the wonderful and inspiring persons and teachers I had the  pleasure to meet during my many travels, workshops, and training on all the subjects I am interested in (e.g Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Méditation, Pleine Conscience, Naturopathie, Chakras,  Therapeutic Yoga, Gemstones Indian Head Massage). Those encounters helped me deepen my knowledge and fill my « Yoga tool box » which I refer to with respect when sharing my experiences.

I strongly believe in freedom of expression, so much so that I thus opted for a traditional Hatha Yoga certification. Hatha Yoga is recognised as being the mother of all yoga respecting the holistic tradition of Yoga.

Whilst teaching I appreciate that we are all unique and being so it is for me to help the student express his/her own physical and inner potential.

A typical class will include time for breathing (pranayama), practical posture (asana) and a final relaxation/meditation. Various techniques exist to support ones overall well-being. Techniques which for most are easily adaptable to our lifestyle. As one of my Swami meditation teacher once told me « to experience meditation one needs to continue living normally, using meditation to face life’s challenges. »

Why Yoga Kids?  I have always admired how kids manage to express themselves so naturally. I find it so refreshing; a lovely source of creativity alongside inspiring joy that adults ought to encourage.

When it comes to meditation, it is I feel too presumptuous to pretend to teach someone how to meditate. It is such a personal experience. Who am I to really know what is happening in someone’s mind.

That being said, my certification and personal experiences offer me various approaches to help calm and focus the mind (this “Monkey mind » as we like to call it in Yoga) a first step towards a meditative state. The learning process in itself is usually a source of profound and satisfying change.

Learning to breathe better is one step towards focusing the mind and eventually leads towards meditation. It also contributes to invaluable mental and physical benefits.

Having the privilege to teach Yoga allows me to share my many experiences and passion to of this discipline with the aim of making it accessible to everyone.

Yoga is the expression of the self in its global form; a means to respect oneself and others.  Yoga provides different techniques and tools to allow you to reveal and express yourself to the best of your ability.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you !

YOGA qualification and beyond

2021    30h  ‘Yoga for the eyes’  training-  France

2015    2nd Year Yoga and Relaxation Techniques for kids – Yoga at School (RYE), France

2011     Psychology and Yoga for kids – British School of Yoga, UK

2009   15h Training ‘Yoga Adjusting/Assisting’ (Duncan Wong Yogic Art/Elena Voyce Teach Yoga), UK

2009   15h Intermediate level training Accro/Thai Massage Yoga (Jason Nemer, UK)

2009   30h  One to One Training ‘Yoga Philosophy’ (Dr Maruthi, Varanasi, India)

2008   30h Training Accro/Thai Massage Yoga with Jason Nemer, UK)

2008   320h Yoga – British School of Yoga, UK (not  completed)

2007   15h ‘Yoga Inversion’ Training (Jonathan Monks, London, UK)

2007   20h Therapeutic Yoga – Doctor Elena Voyce – NHS UK healthcare Yoga/Pilates Teacher Registered

2007   240 h TTC Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga . A reputed  training under Dr Voyce’s guidance with a specific focus on  Anatomy and Physiology – UK

2006   15h ‘Understanding Ayurveda’ training (Dr Sanjay Sulkarni and Milind Jani Ayurvedacharya, UK)

2004   2 years Iyengar Yoga Training, UK

2021 – Mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn – Training in progess. Training in English

2019 – ‘Mindfulness for educators’- Training in progress. Training in French

2007 – ‘Teaching Meditation’ -British Yoga Teacher’s School- Swami Saradananda

2018 – Naturopathy – Training in progress

2020 – ‘Fondamentals and applications of Pilates’ – Lauréat Academy

2021 – Level B2 French Sign Language 

2006 -Level 3 ‘Learning on how to deliver a class’ – City & Guilds, London

2004 – ‘Anatomy & Physiology’ (Morley College, London, UK)

2001 – Cranial Massage (Indian Head/Champissage) (Dr Narendra Metha, London,UK)

1997-2001 Brahma Kumaris; Spiritual Organisation – ONU recognised (training in London and India)


For information on trainings and certification pertaining to wine …www.vinsdeuxmondes.com