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Self-awakening through the senses

Trying to cope with the ups and downs of life is proving increasingly challenging, and aiming for a body-mind balance can be seen as hard as climbing a mountain especially when having to do it on our own.

Whether you are new to Yoga, a seasoned pratictioner or a company keen to look after your employees well-being

YOGA deux MONDES® can be seen as a facilitator to help you experience the benefits of Yoga so that Yoga becomes your personal life coach!

Because not everyone practices Yoga for the same reasons and because Yoga definitely has something to offer to everyone.

YOGA deux MONDES® offers a tailored approach to suit your needs, level and ambition.

Why  “Deux Mondes” ? This is to refer to two passions close to my heart and which I enjoy sharing ; Wine and Yoga.  Wine and Yoga allows for emotions to be felt, explored and express.  VINS deux MONDES® is dedicated to wine and YOGA deux MONDES®  to Yoga … Two worlds that give access to our senses. Pause, Breathe, Taste© is the perfect translation of two millenial traditions that allows us to return to what is essential to increase our sensorial awareness.


...offers you


Personalised coaching

Each person is unique and at such deserves a tailored coaching that suits his/her physical and emotional needs. A program that meets the participant needs allows for greater and longer term benefits.


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Yoga at work

In light of a world increasingly becoming complex, companies are facing new challenges. Remote working is the new norm raising new concerns.

A happy workplace results in increased productivity, better performance, more dedication from the staff and a lower turnover. However, how can this be managed when we are asked to work from home, away from colleagues and social interaction.

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Yoga workshops

Whether you are new to or experienced in  YOGA, these workshops have been designed with pragmatism in order to introduce to new techniques, allow you to deepen your knowledge or simply let you have an enjoyable and well-deserved “me-time” moment.

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Pause, Breathe, Taste©

Pairing Wine with Yoga
…With the intention to optimise your tasting experience using appropriate breathing techniques and yogic principles to explore your senses, support your learning, and anchor your impressions.


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Articles, food for thought ...



For several decades the craze for the practice of yoga continues to grow. Classes abound and training to become a Yoga teacher is multiplying. And as the practice democratizes, yoga styles flourish; some serious, others wacky. The fact remains, however, that in many...

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