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“He who does not progress every day, moves back every day”. 


Chinese philosopher, 551-479 BC

Life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we’d hope.   Who hasn’t often felt under pressure, felt on edge. « Burnt out » ? « Bored out » ? Our tolerance to stress varies from one person to the next. Left uncontrolled and the stress paralyses and becomes counter productive. 

Left unchecked and a toxic stress might become chronic with lasting negative effects on both the body and mind.

However, stress can also be a motor to our projects… an ally that ignites our inner fire and motivates us to make positive changes.

Allow me to equipe you with the right tools to help make facing life’s challenges become less daunting.

You owe it to your health !

Symptoms and feelings of stress are the same for everyone but its causes are as varied as the methods on how to manage it. There is not one unique recipe to restore serenity and befriend stress.

This theorical and practical workshop based on experiences and training introduces you to what stress really means at a physico-emotional level, and offers plenty of ideas on different alternative methods to manage it.

Leave feeling equipped to boost yourself as well as your performances to feel on top of the world again!

A personal « know your stress » questionnaire is sent prior to the workshop to make the most of the session.