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With the intention to optimise your tasting experience using appropriate breathing techniques and yogic principles to explore your senses, support your learning, and anchor your impressions.

PAUSE, BREATHE, TASTE© has been devised to enhance your tasting experience using techniques taken from the world of Yoga. An experience within the experience.

Whether you are new to wine tasting, a keen amateur or a professional, close your eyes and indulge in a innovative sensorial experience!

The workshop starts with an opportunity to pause and reconnect to your senses through a specific meditation. Following with the practice of specific Yogic breathing methods. Which helps open your sensory and memory channels. You are then invited to a visualisation and introduction to the mechanisms behind wine tasting. You get access to approved pedagogic wine tasting content. You will taste like a pro, whilst increasing your understanding of wine appreciation, as well as learning about wine aromas and wine descriptors.

With a glass in hand, you are offered the opportunity to further explore the senses, linking your senses to what is in the glass through your own exploration of the wine.

Through proper breathing, your tasting experience is optimized and support lasting memory of your impressions.

PAUSE, BREATHE, TASTE© is the brainchild of Martine who will guide you through this experience. Martine is a wine professional and certified wine educator with 25 years of experience in the field. She is also a Yoga teacher with 22 years in the world of yoga.

A inovative wine workshop where you are in control of your experience. Feel free to visit Yoga & Wine Link for the reasoning behind breathing and wine appreciation.

This workshop is available to privates and corporates clients. For Further Information contact@yogadeuxmondes.com

Whehter you are new to Wine, a true amateur or a pro taster, close your eyes and indulge in an innovative and fascinating new way to approach wine tasting and learning!

“This workshop was such a success we had it reconducted for our staff!” 

MA Lesoin

Customer Relations Director, Cegedim

“An innovative concept that contributes to modernise the wine world”

Mélanie, C.

Sommelière, France