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« The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. » 

Sogyal Rinpoché

Alongside Yoga, Meditation has gained over the last two decades a great deal of attention. Yet, many, still feel lost as to what Meditation is, how to practice, what method to adopt, and what is meant by Mindfullness, Dharana, Dhyana, why concentration is different to meditation, when and how often should we practice, what is needed, how meditation works, and why it is good for us?

So many unanswered questions leaving us greatly confused at times.

Meditation should not be difficult to understand or to access. There is no need to sit in a specific posture, go to remote places, or light some candles.

Meditation is accessible anytime, anywhere and is for everyone, children included.
Whether we opt for Zazen, Buddhist, Vipassana, Transcendental, Mindfulness and a plethora of other methods, the benefits of Meditating are well documented.

Depending on our lifestyle, our needs and sensitivity, we will naturally favour one method over another.

Meditation remains a personal process and demands regularity for lasting benefits.

This theory and practical workshop introduce you to Meditation, guides you through various techniques, and their pros and cons.

A pragmatic and interactive workshop that will leave you inspired to establish your own practice.